Tiffany Blue Bad Romance


Custom Paint Series JDM Tsurikawa / Tiffany Blue Heart Shaped

Our endless quest for exclusive products and unique designs recently took us to collaborate with a local body shop, famous for its stunning paint jobs, to create unique custom color tsurikawas. The ring received 2 layers of paint plus an extra clear coat to ensure a shiny finish. Only a handful of those were made so make sure to get yours before it’s too late.

JDM Tsurikawa Custom Paint Tsurikawa is super strong but was made for decoration purpose. The special paint will be damage if you drag the ring on the ground.

Note: You will need a screw driver (Phillips type) to open and close the fastner.

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Ring type: Heart
Ring outside diameter: 10.5cm / 4.1”
Strap length: 16cm / 6.3”
Weight: 80g
Ring material: PVC
Strap material: Plastic / Nylon
Fastener material: Steel
Ring color: Tiffany Blue
Strap color: White

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