Suichuuka Shift Knob


Original JDM Tsurikawa Suichuuka / Flower Shift Knob

Suichuukas shift knobs were originally hand-made, using dried flowers trapped in clear resin, and was found in various size and shape. The Japanese word suichuuka 水中花  literally means "flower inside water". The Suichuuka fever really started in the 80s and the knobs were very popular among truck drivers. Later, they became Bosozokus and Japanese oldschool enthusiasts’ favorite accessory.

The authentic Japanese vintage flavor!

After months of researches for the perfect Suichuuka, we decided to develop our own product. We carefully chose the flowers to give a melancholic flavor and a unique retro look; and designed the shape to offer a good feeling in hand and help shifting. The total length is 90mm and the top diameter is 40mm. Default thread is M12x1.25 but we also provide two metal adapters to cover M10x1.5 and M10x1.25 applications. Our Suichuuka uses high quality acrylic with metallic insert to resist time and hardcore shifting. Tested and approved! Direct replacement for the original knob, no modification required.

Our Suichuuka knob fits a large selection of vehicles equipped with manual transmission. It DOES NOT fit automatic transmissions. Please make sure your shifter thread is compatible with our adapters prior to making a purchase. If you have a doubt, don't hesitate to contact us!
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Length: 90mm / 3.5"
Diameter: 40mm / 1.5”
Weight: 150g
Material: Acrylic / metal insert
Default thread: M12x1.25
Adapter thread: M10x1.5 and M10x1.25
Adapter material: metal

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