Classic Black


Classic Black Tsurikawa / JDM Bosozoku Ring

This classic round design can be seen on most Japanese trains, subways and buses. This is also local bosozokus, and drifters’ first choice! Hang it either inside or outside your car, and remember, the lower it drags on the ground the cooler it looks!

The ring is in hard PVC, the fastener is in steel and the strap is made of nylon-reinforced plastic. Super strong! Don’t use it as a tow hook but you can try to hold on to it while your friend drives your car, no problem. Have fun!

Note: You will need a screw driver (Phillips type) to open and close the fastner.

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Ring type: round
Ring outside diameter: 10.5cm / 4.1”
Strap length: 16cm / 6.3”
Weight: 80g
Ring material: PVC
Strap material: Plastic / Nylon
Fastener material: Steel
Ring color: Black
Strap color: White

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