Classic Vintage Original


JDM Tsurikawa Original Vintage tsurikawa

While sourcing genuine vintage tsurikawas we realized that 60’s / 70’s leatherlike strap tsurikawas became an extremely rare breed. We really wanted to add this unique genuine flavor type to our collection so we decided to create our own!

For all the real enthusiasts out there!

The ring is in hard PVC (same high quality ring we use for our Classic tsurikawas), the fastener is in steel and the strap is made of weather resistant PU leather. This tsurikawa was made for decoration purpose but is strong enough to be hanged outside the car.

Note: You will need a screw driver (Phillips type) to open and close the fastener.

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Ring outside diameter: 11cm / 4.3”
Strap length: 16cm / 6.3”
Weight: 60g
Ring material: PVC
Strap material: PU leather
Fastener material: Steel/Plastic
Ring color: White
Strap color: Brown

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