How to install my tsurikawa?
The only tool you need is a Philips type screw driver.
Loosen the 2 screws and remove the back plate.
Open up the strap and slide it around the part you want to attach it.
Stick the strap back in its original position, press firmly the strap layers together to make sure the screws sticks out and have enough thread to be screwed into the back plate.
Position the back plate and screw the bolts straight into the back plate to avoid any damage to the thread. Please be very careful on this point!
Please tighten the bolts firmly, especially if the tsurikawa is dragged on the ground, as the shocks and vibrations can cause them to loosen.
If my tsurikawa drags on the ground, how long will it last?
The longevity of a tsurikawa dragged on the ground depends on a lot of different factors (average speed, ambient temperature, quality of road…). We ran some test and did over 10.000Km without any issue. Some customers dragged their tsurikawa for more than 50.000Kn! In most cases, the ring wears out slowly, but sometimes it can also break suddenly if it hits something sharp on the ground. Please remember that our tsurikawa are super strong but are not bulletproof. 
I lost the assembly parts, can I order them separately?
Yes! Please contact us and give us more details on what you need exactly.
Can you make a custom tsurikawa?
Yes! Don’t hesitate to ask us if you want a special in mind! If we have the parts in stock, we would be more than happy to create a unique tsurikawa for you!
When will you have more genuine in stock?
Genuine / Used tsurikawas are rare, complicated to source and move quickly. We will let you know on Instagram when we release them!
Will your Suichuka shift knob fit my car?
With all our shift knobs, we provide 3 adapters (4 fitting options in total) so it can fit manual transmission with M12x1.25, M10x1.25, M10x1.5 and M8x1.25 shifters (most of the Japanese cars). If you have a doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us at bancho@jdmtsurikawa.com
*Bubble shift knob doesn't include M8x1.25 adapter.
What payments do you accept?
We accept PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay.
I did a mistake with my order, can I change it?
We usually ship the packets the day we receive the order. So if you want to make a change, please contact us as soon as possible. If the order hasn’t been dispatched yet, we can still change the product or refund.
Do you offer sponsorship?
Sorry, we currently don’t offer sponsorship. m(_ _)m
Do you do wholesale?
If you have questions about wholesale, please contact us at bancho@jdmtsurikawa.com



How much is the shipping?
Our online store will calculate shipping prices for you automatically.
Check out Shipping Page for more information.
Do you ship to my country?
We ship everywhere in the world!
*Due to COVID-19 situation, we can't send to some countries right now.
Where do you ship the item from?
All items are shipped from Japan.
When is my order shipped?
All items are shipped within 48 hours after order confirmation and full payment.
How long does shipping takes?
We now use Express shipping only and it takes between 2 to 15 business days for the packet to reach its destination. Sometimes it can take a little bit longer.
Where is my tracking number?
Once your order has been shipped, you will send an email with your tracking number. If you don't receive anything from us after few days, don't hesitate to contact us.