The original Tsurikawa from Japan

If you know about Tsurikawa, there's a great chance this it is thanks to us.

The JDM Tsurikawa adventure started early 2015. The golden era of Bosozoku was already long gone but the Tsurikawa was still used by people nostalgic from this period and also youngsters from the street drift family. Because of how this object resonates with our own background and what it represents to us we decided to dedicate a brand to it and share it with the World! We were the very first ones to bring the "JDM ring" culture outside Japan!



Based in Nara, JDM Tsurikawa is small Family ran business. Business... Hum... Scratch that! Small Family ran adventure! Why adventure? Because at the time we launched we had absolutely no background in marketing, what so ever, no clue of how online stores work, no particular skills in design... 

Remember that in Japan, back in 2015, online shopping (outside huge platforms like Rakuten or Yahoo) was almost inexistent! 

Our activity grew slowly, very slowly. Which in retrospective was a good thing! We had time to learn as we were moving forward!

Recently, we have welcomed one more person to our team to help us with the assembly mainly. And we do everything from home! We think tsurikawa and breath tsurikawa! (*^_^*) 


This is our office today, still at home, after 6 years.

 JDM Tsurikawa office


All our original tsurikawa are made in Japan, in the Kansai area. We assemble everything ourselves with great care and make sure the quality is always perfect!

Our "Kyoto" hand crafted models use the finest Japanese fabric we source mainly from the Nishijin district (Kyoto city), famous for Kimono cloth.

Each piece requires a lot of time and attention and we are extremely proud and happy to share those art pieces with you! 


 Here is photo of M. with the very first Kyoto Tsurikawa we shipped overseas (August 2015).



The last years we've seen a lot of young tsurikawa creators, often using resin, bringing incredible designs and really cool items! We are so happy to see people having interest in tsurikawa and bringing a creative touch to this object!  For some, tsurikawa even became a source of income! How great is that! And we are really proud to say that we have always been here to help, sometimes even providing parts and technical advices.

Please keep making cool tsutsu!



We like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for everything you've done for us! Most of you don't have any idea how much JDM Tsurikawa have impacted our life and our Family. This is an incredible adventure we never thought we'd be living one day! Thank you! All these years, we have been blessed with friendships from all over the world and we have learn so many new things! Our Tsurikawa went to so many different countries and created incredible stories! The joy and enthusiasm they sometimes generate is for us the best reward!

Honmani arigatou! m(_ _)m


Please enjoy tsuikawa! And when in doubt, please boso!