• Hello Special Charity Event 10th Anniversary

    Hello Special Charity Event 10th Anniversary

    The events are back! Yeah! \(^o^)/ After a year of pretty much nothing we're starting to have large car events again and it's really good to catch up with friends and see cool projects! And what better way to get back in business than joining Hello Special annual Charity Event! 
  • 1 Day Kagawa★Kyusha Meeting

    1 Day Kagawa★Kyusha Meeting

    This one will go down in History! The 1Day Kagawa Kyusha Meeting held near the Takamatsu city (Kagawa Prefecture) was probably the largest Kyusha x Zokusha event from the past 5 years!
  • Showa Retro Car Osaka 2020

    Showa Retro Car Osaka 2020

    With most of the events, indoor and outdoor, canceled this year, no need to say that we were eagerly waiting for the Showa Retro Car Osaka! Large gathering like this one bring a lot of controversy during these though times... 
  • Awaji 旧車ミーティング

    Awaji 旧車ミーティング

    It's been a tough year for all the car lovers... With the Covid and the Olympics mess, all the main official events here in Japan were canceled. But it takes more to stop us from organizing a little last minute meet, doesn't it? (^o^)v
  • The cutest train in Japan!

    The cutest train in Japan!

    Next time you visit Kansai and want to get away from the big cities, please go to Wakayama city and ride the Medetai Train! But why is this train so special?